The Yoga Practices allow us to ride a more conscious and wholesome experience upon the wave of life.

My Mission is to empower people through Surfing, Yoga, Movement and Meditation in order to maximise this experience we have on earth and to live to our full potential. I am here to share ancient practices combined with modern research; mixing meditation and movement to help you feel better in your body and to help expand your mindful awareness. Through surfing and yoga, we can create a more connected relationship with ourselves, from there a more connected relationship with our community and planet.

Do what makes you stoked and share that stoke.

Back home in South Africa, when I first started going to yoga classes they instantly resonated with me and immediately became a huge part of my life. I was drawn into the physicality of the practice and how it affected the way I move my body riding a wave. As a kid growing up I was always the most inflexible person in any position, and I still do not consider myself to be very flexible, but yoga is not about that to me. It’s a much more holistic practice and only once immersed and in the experience of yoga can one understand the potential of how powerful yoga is. I remember after walking out of a class when I first started practising yoga and for the first time in my life I felt a complete sense of presence and ease which came with so much confidence and the readiness for anything the universe threw at me. From that moment, I knew yoga was something that I needed to incorporate into every day of my life.

After a year of regular practice I completed my 200 hour teacher training. Soon after, I moved to Edinburgh and immediately started teaching. Since then I have completed over 5,000 hours of teaching and over 50,000 attendances to my classes. In 2018, I complemented my initial training with an additional 300 hour teacher training. Sharing Surfing and Yoga is my passion and I aim to continue to share my love with as many people out there to create a more united, peaceful, and connected world.